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Bryan Ghingold
    From right to left: Ellie Czeladnicki and Bryan Ghingold.
If you’re like most of us, you probably have a favorite scar from childhood. It’s the one that you most likely acquired doing something incredibly dumb while your parents weren’t looking. Maybe you fell out of a tree. Maybe you didn’t get far enough away from that firecracker. Perhaps you wistfully disregarded the “Don’t Feed the Animals” sign. GoFigure! co-founder Bryan Ghingold has that scar as well. He got his in sixth grade slicing open his thumb while attempting to customize a Grand Moff Tarkin Star Wars figure to resemble one of his friends from down the street.

That figure was a false start, but nearly twenty years later, Bryan is still at it (and marginally better at avoiding bloodshed!) An avid comic book and action figure collector, Bryan wanted to do something special for the employees of his Pittsburgh-based moving labor company, Steel City Movers, but he wasn’t sure what.

Then he noticed the scar on his thumb.

Inspired by his long time love of toy customization, Bryan got to work and soon his team of movers had their own personalized Steel City Movers action figures.

Trying to drum up business for the company, he’d bring those figures along to trade shows only to get more inquiries about where he had the figures made, and how people could get their own.

This went on for years until Bryan’s girlfriend, avid cosplayer, comic aficionado, and shrewd businesswoman Ellie Czeladnicki palm-smacked him in the forehead and said, “Why aren’t you turning this into a business?”

Fortunately, Bryan listened to Ellie and GoFigure! was born.

Through an intricate process of molding, painting, kit bashing, custom sculpting, and custom sewing, all GoFigure! Custom Action Figures are uniquely crafted by Bryan and Ellie in their lair (we’re going to go ahead and call it a lair) right here in Pittsburgh’s East End. Each figure is created to specifications that YOU choose, meaning each toy is an absolute one-of-a-kind tiny plastic doppleganger of whoever you want it to resemble. So check out the page and if you like what you see, click to get started building YOUR custom GoFigure! action figure today!

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